The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Stolen from Everyone

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1) Has jcofrtf been to your house/dorm?—Sure he has.  Several times.  (Probably the most among my friends, except my (pseudo-)housemates Cynan and Doreen... XD
2) Did xtsinai break up with you?—Nope.
3) What would you do if you found out misstoy has a crush on you?—“Sorry Doreen, I can't return it...  And I don't want Cynan to kill me either... _-_”
4) What would ardor_sb think of ddrgirldotcom?—“OMG you're gonna have a baby soon, unni?  How cool!”
5) What planet should xtsinai be from?—Mars.
6) What animal does iguanagrrl remind you of?—You silly dork, her LJ username already says the answer!
7) Is rosstirona an emo?—Nope.
8) Does vhg have a dog?—Nah.
9) If ferrari_iidx and litajup657 were spliced together, what would it be like?—How did you read my mind?!  I thought they had quite a bit of complementary personalities...
10) What is ddrgirldotcom's favorite color?—Unsure.
11) Would jcofrtf and vhg look good together?—Nope.  Content smile and hollow smile don't mix really well.  (Both literally and figuratively.)
12) Does talinthas drink?—I think he does.
13) Have you ever dated superbread?—Nah.
14) Would you make out with kawaiiaya?—Bahahaha, would you, Stella?
15) Does azhp have a crush on ddrgirldotcom?—Nah.
16) Would kazenokenshi be a better ninja or pirate?—OMG a tough question...  I'd still say ninja.
17) What is captaincanada's favorite band/artist?—Me. =3=333
18) Would thedcb and misstoy make a good couple?—Nah.
19) Would jcofrtf go out with vintagepeahen?—Her life would then be threatened by JC's GF, and I don't think JC wants that to happen. XD
20) Is wilykitsune dead sexy?—Yes.  I repeat, YES.  (Again, both literally and figuratively.)
21) Does kawaiiaya know dnldreams?—Probably not.
22) How long have you known vxjasonxv?—For quite some time...  3 years or so?
23) What would bryceda59 do differently in your shoes?—He wouldn't play PIU Nightmare.  XD
24) How would gtonizuka kill azhp?—Martial art.
25) What do you agree with sherl0k about?—His I **** the ***** of the Internet shirt.

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