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Disgusting are so many things.

For one: GAS PRICE.  Fuck you to your smile, you greedy-ass oil companies.

For two: Sticky things on an ITG pad.  How many disasters does an ITG machine have to undertake before people realize OPEN SODA CUPS AND ITG DON'T GET ALONG WELL?!  -_-  BTW this is at Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  As much as I love the pads there (I daresay even better than MGL), I fucking don't like having to handslap a pad and feel my hand stick to it.


ewwwww.. I would avoid playing queen of light D: that's just fricken gross! and yes gas prices can shove it. :/
Aw man and I'm going to be playing ITG2 at the Boardwalk all the time once I get back to school.

At least most of the tourists will be gone by then - the arcade stays open, the rest of the Boardwalk doesn't...
I was about to make a comment about handslapping but then I realized that sometimes ITG forces you to.

So nevahmind.
Just don't play songs with handslaps :P

That's like giving up more than half of hard/expert doubles. XD