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tetris it: Urban Word of the Day

From the inbox this morning:

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September 8, 2005: tetris it

when you have alot of stuff to fit in a little space like packing a
suitcase or filling a trunk of a car with bags.

      skeptic - "I don't think we can fit the body, the chainsaw, the
      money bags, and the beer cooler in this little trunk."
      doer - "we'll just have to tetris it"


Ahahaha.  That's my specialty—shoving like 30 more bottles of soda into an apparantly full fridge.  XD



(they never sent me any confirmation of confirmation email... BAH!)

30 bottles of pop fit nicely into my vegetable crisper.
Cool, I'm good at cramming stuff, too. We should have a tetris it contest!