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HTML OTL of the Day

The official Snort documentation, section 3.5 “Payload Detection Rule Options” ]

Dear whoever wrote the documentation,

You can embed literal “<” and “>” characters in HTML by using “&lt;” and “&gt;” HTML character entities.  For more entities like this, please see Character entity references in HTML 4 ], chapter 24 of HTML 4.01 Specification, W3C Recommendation 24 December 1999.

Seriously, that will save you a lot of time and effort as you won't have to open your favorite paint program just to create a GIF with a single letter in it.

Yours truly,

P.S.  HTML entities used in this journal entry, and a couple of useful others (note that these are case-sensitive):


The less-than/greater-than signs (“<”/“>”).


The ampersand sign (“&”)


A space character, exempt from word wrapping and line breaking.

This is handy in emotes like “t(-_ -t)”.

It is also used to introduce a double-space at the end of a sentence; instead of two consecutive spaces, which will be condensed into one in HTML, use “&nbsp; ”, that is, replace the first space with &nbsp;.

“nbsp” stands for non-breaking space.


The neutral double quote (“"”)


The opening/closing single quotes.


The opening/closing double quotes.


The middle dot (“·”).


The horizontal ellipsis (“…”, a.k.a. “dot dot dot”).


The em dash (“—&rdquo).

Use this, instead of a double minus (“--”), in pairs in order to introduce a parenthetic—like this—text.

Note: There is a separate, different typographic sign, called horizontal bar or quotation dash (“―”), which looks just like an em dash but is used instead to lead a line that introduces, for example, the source of a quote like:

Ev'lyone's a rittle bit lacist!

Christmas Eve, from Avenue Q

Unfortunately there's no SGML character entity name defined for the horizontal bar, so we have to use its Unicode code position number instead: “&#8213;”.


The euro/cent/pound/yen signs (“€”/“¢”/“£”/“¥”).


The copyright/trademark/registered trademark signs (“©”/“™”/“®”).


Teh dee dee are (“←”/“↓”/“↑”/“→”).


Teh dee dee are, OMG doubles (“⇐”/“⇓”/“⇑”/“⇒”).


The single/double left-right arrows (“↔”/“⇔”).


The four card suit symbols (“♠”/“♥”/“♦”/“♣”).


People make GIFs of < and >?
Oh geez, didn't read the link. Boy oh boy.
Dear Blue^,

You oopsed;
&copy;, ™ and &reg;
the copyright/trademark/registered trademark sign (“©”/“™”/“®”)





:D .o/

For great justice.



Two people...once face...hi i'm ahmed :3

Looks more like a yay-ing person with big eyes...  XD