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It's funny how my friends page has to have at least one person whining about his/her friends page being spammed with those hot topics of the day, whenever there is such a hot topic.  This PSA applies to you if you have been one of those whiners.


Although I can understand your being fed up with 982739587239842 people all talking about the same thing on your friends page, you are in no position to tell them to stop.  People do have right to post onto their own journal whatever they want to, and no one other than yourself can help what appears on your friends page.  That is, you see whom you see 'cause you friended them in the first place.

Not that you should stop whining, 'cause you'd do so on your very own journal and you're entitled to it; that's your decision and I have to respect that.  I just wanted to let everyone know how idiotic such whining looks.

Alright, that's all.  Eugene out.

P.S.  For those who remember my OMG Harry Potter spoilers on my friends page post: I've learned this very lesson above from that incident.  Next time a similar thing happens, I'm taking a LJ hiatus for a couple of days, and that person's getting removed—at least temporarily—from my “Default View” ].


uwah sankyuu for doing this.. a couple of people on my friend's list that has said that once or twice. That's why I have a couple of filters if they aren't comfortable with the topic, but then again all my friends don't care what I post. As I kindly put a LJ cut under spoilers~
i suspect some bitterness or resentment behind some complaints of hot topics. wise words thru frustration don't sink in easily D: *fans Eugene*
I think I'll start charging people to be on my friends list. That sounds like the sexiest idea.

And dude... I know what you meant with that post. I saw something identical to that this week on my f-list and almost told that person to fuck off on principle. Just because I could.

3 cheers for outspokeness!
Seriously, thanks for posting this. I would post something like this, but people would just be like "oh shit up."

Hahaha, hey, it's your journal, so you get to say whatever you want to say.  :)

I meant "shut" not "shit"

And yes, it is my journal, but people are idiots.
You win the Truth In LJ Commenting Award for that.

Idiocy in LJ is like water in the ocean... no matter what you try, you're gonna get some of it on you. :-\
haha I'm an idiot; I'll admit that :P
I subscribe to the Scott Adams Principle Of Stupidity:

Everybody is stupid. Just in varying amounts at varying times.

(the followup story dealt with him driving to the beeper store to have them fix his pager and finding out the battery he just put in was backwards. So he couldn't put a battery in a pager in the right direction, but he could operate a one-ton piece of machinery moving at high velocity in tight quarters just fine. Go figure. :-P )
Agreed! I mean, LJ is where people type what they want when they want, a matter of opinion. If they don't like it, tough luck. They should either filter or not friend them in the first place...or hell, NOT even read them in the first place.

Besides, some people have better things to worry about rather than check LJ 24/7 (hopefully or I pity them) and then get pissed off of topics that annoy them. Common sense.