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Call for a Studymate

Last night I was digging through my years-old Piston—the renowned textbook on Harmony ]—when realized how rusty my understanding of the material have gotten.

I need to brush up my skills, and that means studying the book once again.  But here's the thing: Although this is an excellent and thorough textbook, it's also incredibly dry.  (I know this from my first experience with the book.)  A good teacher or discussion mate is essential to fully benefit from this book, which means:

I am looking for a studymate for this textbook and perhaps Schoenberg's Theory of Harmony too, which is a philosophical textbook/essay on the history of western harmony, explaining why things are done in the way they are, as opposed to Piston's approach—how things are done.

Who's up?


Sure, though I left off a long time ago in basic harmony (which, in turn, was an adjunct to piano performance).

I take it as you already have the book with you?

Oh, no. But if it's not that expensive, it's not a big deal.