The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

PITA of the Day

Dear BMG Music Service,

When I stopped receiving promo emails from you, it was because I decided I was not going to buy any more CD from you for the time being.  In other words, I meant it.

So, would you please do my eyes and mailbox a favor?  Stop sending emails that ask me:

Dear Minsung,

We noticed that you're missing out on some of our best deals. Since you're such a valued customer, we want to make sure you take full advantage of your membership.

*To receive special emails about our best offers, exclusive online sales and more, please click the submit button below.*

I truly enjoyed the service you had provided me1; of course no, I haven't forgotten you, and I will reactivate my subscription whenever I find a chance to do so and feel like it.  So, don't undermine the good impression that I have for you by pestering me ala “OMG OMG allow us!  Allow us to bother you every other week even though you told us that you didn't want emails from us!”

Stop being an ass, would you?  Pretty please?


1 Yeah, I know most of their CDs are surpluses at least 1 year old, but hey, I'm an old fart, and I dig old CDs.  XD


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