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Firefox 1.0.7 Is Out

As usual, it's a security fix; there are no new features or add-ons.  However, this one closes—among other things—a particularly nasty security hole that attackers can exploit to run arbitrary programs on your computer by simply embedding malicious HTML code into a webpage.

Windows users: Pay attention to the right side of the menu bar (right below the minimize/maximize/close buttons)—you'll see a round button with an upward-pointing white triangle.  That's your “Upgrade” button.  Click and follow the instructions.  Or go to the Firefox homepage ] and download Firefox 1.0.7 for Windows.


It's been out for a while I think.

Since I have forecastfox on the menu bar, I won't have to worry about missing upgrades. I think the blue button is ext upgrade, and red is browser upgrade, or the other way around, meh.

Yeah, it's been out for about a week or two I guess...  I'm just giving a heads-up to everyone whom I converted to Firefox.  :p