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What I Need...

... is a good pair of shoes for DDR/ITG/PIU, with decent grip on the pad.  The ones that I have get extremely slippery on the pad with dust or dirt (like the ITG machine at Santa Cruz Boardwalk).

I miss my old shoes. ;_;


What you REALLY need:

Windex and Paper Towels. Apply liberally to pad and shoe soles. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

That means you have NO idea how dusty the overall arcade area of SC Boardwalk is.

Windex the pad and play, come back in about 5-10 minutes for your turn, and find the pads all sandy again.

Nah, what you REALLY NEED!!!:
-Someone to bring a Carpet.
-A sign that says "NO ITG/DDR/PIU with sandy feet or else I KICK YOUR ASS!"

Anyawys, I didn't have much problem with the ITG2 machine there. I scored some high doubles percentage on that pad compared to ones at CCL Sactown. T_T

I actually thought about the carpet too, and wondered if the management would be happy to keep the carpet around the pad (at least 2 feet wide so people would have to step on the carpet first before getting on the pad.

And the condition really depends on the shoesole; if it's built of solid rubber, mostly flat and polished (often the case with old shoes), it will be sand-tolerant to some degree.  My old shoes were like that, and that's why I said I missed them.  My new shoes, unfortunately, have their soles made from porous rubber/polyurethane, so they quickly lose grip if there are grains between them and the floor.

And yes, I saw your scores.  Too bad they didn't last long...  XD XD XP =3=3=33

ARGH!!!! Noooooo! U TOOK THEM!! Nooooo!!