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The DIY Guy In Me

Says “Mmmm, how gratifying...!”

*beams at the film bulk loader with a 100' ISO 100/21° color negative spool*

Seriously, the whole loading procedure was absolutely painless (I thought it'd be much harder than it is).  If I can save $$$$$$ on film rolls, hey, why not? :D


do it!
linux freak. There are some places online you can buy bulk film at.

Yeah...  I've been using B&H for a while, but they're on a pricier side of the spectrum in general, so I'm trying to figure out some alternative source.

The funny thing is, I searched for Fujifilm Pro 160S (formerly NPS 160) bulk rolls and Epinion gave me only three stores...  B&H is the second cheapest of them by only $3 or so.  Maybe I should just stick to B&H...

I'm sure I'd get a lot more options if I went Kodak, but I grew tired of Kodak's uncanny ability to render everything in a yellowish tone.  I want my blue sky to be clear blue, not smoggy blue!  XD  Plus my favorite lab—a local Costco 1-hour lab, which surprisingly does not scratch the film although they use a roller transport—is a Fuji lab. :p

Did some more research (thanks to photo.net), and it indeed does seem that B&H is one of the best retailers on the 'net when it comes to film, although they sell cameras and other non-staple items at a higher price.

Another interesting byproduct of the research: I should join photo.net and establish presence there (i.e. become an active member).  Apparently a lot of retailers pay much attention to their portrayal on photo.net, and if I post something negative—however slightly—about them, they are more than likely to take me off their okay-to-scam-or-otherwise-treat-unfairly list.

:)  Now I need to find a good source for 160/400 bulk rolls.  I'm right now “test-driving” the new loader with a past-date Fujifilm Super G+ roll ($9.99; I didn't want to ruin a $40 roll by a novice mistake).

Speaking of past-date film rolls, they're kinda scary; according to the label on the roll I got, the film expired before year 2000, so I really wonder how the picture would look like once I get it through the lab.  XD  But if the pictures are only slightly discolored, which I can easily correct 'cause the rest of my printing chain remains in the digital realm, hey, even more power to me!  Saving $1.67 per 36-exp roll at having to color-correct the scanned pictures (which can be automated thanks to scripting ability of GIMP)?  I'm game!  ^^