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Quick Thought About My Musical Preference

... Or perhaps I should've said “Quick Thought About My Lack of Musical Preference,” because I (have been known to) like a little bit of everything.

It just occurred to me that this might be because I have a relatively strong classical music theory background.  When I listen to a random song, I can almost automatically pick up the theoretical elements of the song, like chord progression, contrapuntal relationships between parts, rhythmic variations and such.  And the thing is, the classical western music forms the direct and indirect basis of so many different musical genres these days; to some degree, each of these genres has elements of good ol' classical music theories.  I guess these elements make me feel comfortable when I listen to that genre; in other words, the elements facilitate genres that I'm not (yet) used to.

That's a pretty nifty property, I must say.



That's probably why I warm up to genres so fast. I used to dislike a lot of stuff until I started analyzing it theoretically and being surprised at how unique or complex some things are - and from there genre and form almost stopped mattering to me.
It feels like, when you listen to a song, you can mute out all the sounds and listen to only 1 instrument at a time and figure out how he/she is playing. I tend to zone in on all the bass guitar sounds of a song because that's my favorite sound of them all.
zoning into hi-hats annoys me sometimes D:


umm...ahh, the appreciation of different music. God, life is good. ^_^