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Carpe Diem

(I originally posted this as the response to a comment on one of my friend's LJ entry.  I'm moving it here because I think it deserves a separate blog slot.  The comment said: Its best to focus on school and not on relationship. There are plenty of time for relationship when you get out of school. Stick to what is important now and for your future. -- with which I disagree.  Why?  Read on.)

Relationship at each and every stage of life feels distinct and different.  As people grow up, they look for different aspect in the relationship they're engaged in, and none of those aspects is necessarily better or worse than others -- they are all valuable asset, helping people mature through the course of life.

There may be periods of hardship, be it emotional, environmental, circumstantial or whatever, when people feel like retreating from pursuing relationship for a while.  It's a perfectly valid thing to do when one feels like it.  However, shunning relationships altogether, saying `Uhh I can always have them later' is never a good idea -- because the type of relationship one would have in 4 years certainly feels different from the type one could have right now -- while both of them are, again, valuable asset.

In fact, I had espoused the same `Uhh I can always pursue relationships later' doctrine throughout my school days all the way until I graduated college.  And I horribly regretted that once I went like `Okay... Shall I start?' but only to realize how naive, immature, and unprepared I was.  Eventually it took me years to recover and pull myself up to par, and my first serious relationship began when I was 25 or so, by which time I could already tell I was a different person from what I used to be in my school days.  That meant I permanently missed chances for fresh romances, a privilege exclusive to high school and college students.

My bottom line is this: Carpe diem -- at all costs.


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