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Call for Suggestions: Which Color Should I Wear...

...  On my hair?  (Please be specific, including highlight colors if you have any in mind.)

P.S.  The reason why I'm asking is 'cause I'm gonna get my hair done this weekend.  My hair currently looks like this:

20051007 - It Sucks To Be Eugene/Picture 003.jpg 20051007 - It Sucks To Be Eugene/Picture 004.jpg

(Excuse the lame Intel webcam quality.)  I plan to have the back cut short though; the front/side will just be trimmed minimally.

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Marker green!@~!$~@~@##%@#!
With purple streaks!@~$@)#~)@#(~)!@)5
In all honestly, keep the black, get highlights. I think you either should try hot pink highlights or get golden blonde.
fire engine red streaks!
Dark cherry red. That's the hotness.
Cherry red highlights, that is. Black is beautiful.
dude, you definitely do need a hair cut. Or else grow it out even longer. But don't get highlights. If you're gonna dye, you should go all the way. But I'm really dramatic, so I'm into stuff like that.
Eugene you should have BLUE hair but not bright blue like the midnight dark blue that shines through the light.. :3
If you just want a subtle change of color, get it glossed. This makes your hair supare shiny and you can get it done so that it looks black until the light hits it and then you get tints like blue or violet or whatever color you choose. It's a semi-permanent dye, so it would last oh say four weeks. No bleach involved and it's really good for your hair!

Other than that. . .I'm steering away from highlights, but maybe an all around color like an deep ash brown.

Okay, lemme know if you need more details! <3
Yo Eugene! What's up?

So here's my suggestion:
Beware of them highlights, unless you want to look like a girlie man... If you do want color take it all the way, maybe some link of darker brown. However, you should do something about the shape. Hair your length should have more structure. Go for some kind of messy look, and don't have it all the same length. You could also experiment on how you let it fall (more in the front might work?). Then you can make it more "messy" with some good pomade (don't save on that) and you should be good to go.

So yeah, no highlights, and get it more structured

P.S. I want to see the result of course...