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It Has Been Done.

Canon GL2, 1/90s, f/2.0, 0dB, cropped/leveled/scaled with GIMP 2.0.8
Canon GL2, 1/90s, f/2.0, 0dB, cropped/leveled/scaled with GIMP 2.0.8

No overall dye, just golden highlights.  Thanks Adam!  :>

Also I had taken some time to color the “before” picture and Rudi, man you were right.  Straight dye or streaks, the hair looked way too girly.  That's why I ended up cutting it short with slight layering (not readily visible in the picture 'cause of the setting).  Thanks Rudi!  :)

For those who wonder where I got it done:

Liz Hair Design

1612 Pomeroy Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 244-2789

Closed on Sundays (as with most Korean businesses in the area)


i swear my computer glasses are just like yours with the whole frameless style =D

as for the hair, if i were female i'd be all over you. the rage nowadays seems to be somewhat-messy hair, my girlfriend enjoys messing it up whenever i try to style it :) and the bleaching spots are also attractive.
Very nice and tastefully done. Lookin' good!

/used to live no more than 200 yards from Liz Hair Design

I wanna do something with my hair sometime. Dirty blonde doesn't yield much creativity though. =(
I believe I forgot to mention how awesome your hair looks. Well, it looks MIGHTY awesome. And I'm JEALOUS. hehe =P
There's a sexy looking man looking back at me D=
Wow. I really really like that.

Good lookin'! :)
Sexaay. XD
Everyone is sexier than me =(
God, what a hottie! *throws bra onstage* The only thing missing is a smile...
Damn, you're totally hot!
psssttttt, it's spelled *Rudi*, not Rudy. LOL!

But hmmm, for some reason two things came up to mind when I saw this!

1) Backstreet boys

2) Gary. o_O?

Maybe I've been out too long today. weird. . .

Oops, corrected.  Hehe.

Wow...hmmm...I don't really care how you spell it...but yeah it's better to spell it right...

Well, how do I say that...you look younger now. Taking into consideration that you didn't look very old before. Let's just say that you'll surprise the people who card you way more than before.

So let's say: you are 13 now...at least to the general public. What you can do is: you can bet the bouncers that you are older than them...you know maybe for not paying cover charge, or so?

I bought a cigarette pack yesterday at a food mart that I frequent, and the manager, who was at the counter, told me: “Jesus, I would've totally carded you hadn't I known you well before!  What happened?”

Yes, that felt awesome.  XD

Dude, for some reason even today, you remind me of Gary/ShnTenchi when I see your new hair! LOL! WTF BBQ I know!

Your hair looks mother fucking AWESOME! Seriously! Black is beatiful, especially w/ highlights!
Omg, Eugene looking at me all sultry like in the 2nd photo... Rawr.... ^_~
That's right, he's looking at ME!