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Dear LiveJournal,

Thank you for having my college1 already listed in your Schools database.

I love you.


1 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). ]  For those who aren't familiar with it, KAIST is often referred to as “the Korean MIT.”  The undergrad division, previously a separate school named KIT (Korea Institute of Technology), was indeed modeled after MIT as you can probably tell from its name.


Ahh the frustration and relief.

I guess you went to school there? NeRD!!

*swells with pride*


*swells with another kind of pride*

XD XD XD =3=333

Wow. Is that a picture of you (referring to your icon)?
Damn, you went there?

No wonder why you know 50 bajillion different programming languages :X

Silly Chris, get it right, it's 50 brazillion languages, including Portuguese!  XD XD =3=333

Can I punch you now or later for this extremely bad pun? :P jkjk