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Dear MySpace, (redux)

You know what?  If you have to rely on advertisements so desperately that you wouldn't mind displaying one that takes a full login gateway page, that means your business model fucking sucks.

Best Wishes,

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I'm still wondering as to why you're on that site with all the rants you've posted about myspace :x

I for one, chose the higher route. I deleted mine :P

'cause of some friends who aren't active on Friendster, Xanga or LJ. :D

The best way to keep contact, AIM / MSN / Yahoo / ICQ, Email, and good ol ... telephone my good man :D

And why am I posting this reply in your LJ when I could just as easily IM you? o_O

I mean more as a sort of playground, for which none of those are really good. XD

I swear someone needs to make something equivalent to Trillian/gaim/Miranda for these blogging services.
BloggerAPI would do the trick, but MySpace is much more than just blogging.

A while back a friend of mine, working for a PR company, said that she has control over the future of the url www.we.com - I said, let's turn it into a central social networking hub... one that can receive LJ posts, keep interests all in one place, lists of friends in a list, and put messages in one too...

Didn't end up doing that, but egh. We need some sort of programmer who can work with these websites to receive all these things. If only more sites used RSS...

Hahaha, we.com?  Nice.

'Cause I own we.lv.  :D

I don't think that he needs to rely on interstitial shit like that. Well, maybe he does. But Tom sold MySpace a little bit ago to some company, so they're probably doing it just for more money, not to stay afloat.