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This Is Time-Sensitive...

  1. Go to amazon.com.

  2. Search for “christmas”.

  3. The second one priced $14.50 on the list.  Rest assured, you did enter “christmas”.

  4. Enjoy.  XD

  5. OK, now click the item.

  6. Read the review (there's only one).  Pay attention to the reviewer's name.

  7. Enjoy.  XD XD



Yes, those.
You probably meant to link his profile.

...Check out his interests.

...  Not before lunchtime...

whaa? I can't find it! >_
See links above and below.
Yes, those.
You just love commenting up a storm on Eugene's LJ don't cha? :P
Why, yes, how did you ever guess?
The current second-on-the-list item for me is some chocolates, and it has like 4 reviews. What item are we looking for?
Maybe these?
Yes, those.
well makes sense...every gentleman farmer's gotta have a hoe and every ho's gotta be a gentleman farmer XD




Eugene, what were you doing looking at women's underwear?

BTW, I looked at this while in class, I'm pretty sure the people behind me must have been wondering what the hell I was doing.

LOL, someone told me to do that. XD

As of 7:20 PM Eastern time, their Sales rank in Apparel for today is #8. That kinda scares me, I think. :P