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SGML Character Entities Rock

From an IM convo (translated from Korean):

Friend: You're nuts.

Me: Why? :o

Friend: All the opening/closing quotation marks on your LiveJournal.

Me: What about them?

Friend: Dude, isn't it a PITA to open up that Character Map program every time?

Me: Ohhh.  XD  “ and ”.

Friend: What's that?

Me: They're left/right double quotation marks in HTML.  :D

Friend: … You're nuts for actually using those.

Me: XD =3



<3...  Uhh I mean ♥.  XD

Because I have no easier way of figuring out what that is:
I agree!
Oh, actual english, hahahahahahahaha.
Nice :P.
*sigh* such poetic language