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One of the Founding Fathers had to say something ] about a certain lot of people that support some particular U.S. federal act.

Courtesy of the coworker next door.



The funny part is that it becomes pretty apparent afterwards that they have gained no safety at all.
tell me what act this is 'cause I don't agree with the quote D:

I'll give up my liberty if I can stay alive p.p...q.q....p.p.....

Life without liberty is prison.
You are awesome and I salute you for this.

Oh yes, it's quite true.

We haven't gotten any safer, not really.

And what we've lost is almost immeasurable:

We have been treated to fearmongering the likes of which I can't ever recall seeing before. Witness last weekend's non-incident with the NYC subway. What most people don't realize is that it WAS a terrorist act, and the terrorist who committed it SUCCEEDED.

He made us afraid.