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Fobby English Question of the Day

(Damn, it's been a long time since I posted one… :p)

Today's question is about correct punctuation: Ellipsis (aka dot-dot-dot).

In English, is it correct only to write it as three baseline dots (“...”) or is it accepted to write it as three middle dots (“···”) as well?  'Cause in Korean (and I'm pretty sure Japanese is the same too) it's three middle dots, whereas in English I've seen mixed usages.


I think it's baseline dots that are the way we white folks do it XD

Thanks!  Now go back and pick your rice!  XD =3=33

Three baseline dots inside of a sentence, four if ending a sentence or ending a quotation.

There are always exceptions to the latter, but generally, it's encouraged to use four.

I guess the four dots are actually an ellipsis and a period combined; it's similar in Korean (we write it as “···.”).

Thanks! :)

Indeed, it is an ellipsis and a period combined.
Three baseline dots inside of a sentence, four if ending a sentence or ending a quotation.

Hah, that's the first rule I learned during the KDEA Localization test.
Nope, no middle dots.
To tell the truth, I've ONLY seen the middle dots used in English with really shoddy Japanese translations...
I've never EVER seen middle ellipsis dots in english usage.
Lord knows I've never done it···

Oops ._.
Same here. I don't think that's done in English.
God Eugene, seeing elipsis in the middle is like seeing you levitate MAN! IT'S CRAZY TALK! AHHHh!!!!

I don't levitate, do I…?  :o

oh no I'm just making a correlation to how different the culture is XD

'cause for ME...seeing that ellipsis in the middle is so OUT OF THIS WORLD

Haha, you parapara, and you know, it's so Japanese··· XD =3

bitch PLZ DANCING is universal, alignment of DOTS are not!!

actually they can be...but...YOU CAN'T BEND THEM OVER BACKWARDS! *does a handspring*
and we all know i am SOOO japanese, chou KAW-KO-EE
Well, screw all of you. :P

I've seen it used a decent amount in comics. It's more visible than a baseline ellipsis.
I don't think its used much in common English typing because there's no key for it. As for the Japanese, their periods are hollow。You get solid middle dots by holding shift and one key. ・・・ But, if you're using three dots, doesn't it normally indicate trailing off of speech or a pause? So why would you have a period, indicating the end of a sentence, when its not the end? o_O