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I Think I Am Spoiled by DDR Freak

Every time I go to the Northern California board of ITGFreak.com, postwhoring of various degrees turns me off.  Okay, no actions are taken by mods there, so that's gotta be the norm there, but to me it's still unsighty.  -_-

Perhaps it's a good thing I don't frequent any other gaming forums.  For my own sanity.  Seriously. -_-


Welcome to the other side of the world 'gene :P.
Yeah, I check out a couple other message boards (cheapassgamer.com, 4chan.org, Penny Arcade forums) but for the most part I don't post. I usually can find some really good information from some of them (and that Pi video XD XD XD ) but for the most part it's not as good as DDR Freak. True, if I want computer advice I don't ask on DDR Freak (I'd either post in Help and Advice on Penny Arcade or ask Cutriss) but in the end DDR Freak just seems like a better place to be at.
don't ask. This whole bullshit involves issues between Brother Mojo and JOKR as well as the whole community rivalry between Visalia, Fresno, and Merced. It's pretty stupid. I don't post much there cuz of it, but perhaps I can show them "WHO'S THE BOSS AROUND THERE" for very specific reasons.

An on-board drama?  Between a user and a mod?


Yeah. Pretty rediculous so to speak and no way I am gettin involved with that.
ddrfreak is boring because of over-regulation by the mods and the massive amount of pseudointellects is annoying ;o

people need to come back to the channels on otherside. it's so dead =(
I love how people bitch about DDRFreak (hi monty) but also realize that there isn't a better forum for dancing games out there