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I do not believe in long-distance relationships.

Fuck, I repeat.

I do not believe in long-distance relationships.

Interstate…?  *shakes head*

Across the border?  Ha!


I agree with ya there.

it don't work and it shouldn't work.
Agreed. Driving 2+ hours back and forth especially with gas prices being a bitch is not good.

Man, it's like flying 10+ hours back and forth!  -_-

Oh shove it and look the other way. . .LOL! Flying's a bitch, but it can work out you guys. You non-believers!
Anyone who says they don't work either has bad luck or is a lazy fuck *pelts non-believers*

bitter? no!

Yeah, it's definitely just bad luck when they get fucked by someone else in a hot tub after you've only been gone a month. Darn that old luck!

blue^ wins. Many, many people don't have the self-control it takes to attach yourself to someone you never see, and I don't blame them.
Screw YOU!!! That's your opinion!!! Aren't we proving you wrong?

You can always find people for whom they do work. I don't know how to explain it. I think it's way harder and you have to work for it more than you would ever have to otherwise. It takes way more commitment to make it work...
*revs up car in Japan and gradually accelerates until arrives at Eugene's location*

Remember kiddies, that's a long distance!

*runs over Eugene with the long distance relationship car*

They do work peopleeee!

*will remember this quote for her wedding*
And remember the long distance relationship car is a fuckin' HUMMER with an oversized bullbar in front (alright, it's painted pink, but so...) So it's gonna hit you hard Eugene...no threats here, but I would think twice about messin with things like that...^^

You guys earn my respect for keeping it strong, but nah, I remain a non-believer for a good reason.  (Hint: You guys know I'm from Korea. :D)

All I have to say is, if you really care about this person, you'll make it work. Otherwise, the feelings just aren't strong enough.

I don't think the feeling will get that strong when this person and I are continents apart to begin with.  :D

I believe... (in a thing called love, lol kinda bemani GET IT)