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Prudence helps one appear less as a clueless loudmouth when he/she talks about foreign cultures.

(And no, none of playing bunch of PS2 import titles, knowing a lot of J/K-drama/pop stars, or taking an introductory Japanese/Korean classes grants one a master's title on Japanese or Korean culture.)


and the title for most on fucking point point made today...goes to eugene!

that's what i've been saying all along! yatzhee!
(And no, none of playing bunch of PS2 import titles, knowing a lot of J/K-drama/pop stars, or taking an introductory Japanese/Korean classes grants one a master's title on Japanese or Korean culture.)

---quoted for truth
that's god's own truth there. the thing is, a lot of people apply cause they think they know japan, and get filtered out in the interviews, cause all they fucking talk about is how much they desperately want to be here. JET is looking for folks to talk about their homes, not go otaku out when the get here. so for the most part, we're left with folks who are completely ignorant of japan, or folks who are over the whole otaku thing.

and then we get barraged by idiots who think that watching a season of tenchi muyo has equipped them to live here and work JET.
Well my knowledge of Koda Kumi and DDR lets me know that in Japan, there are alot of DDRers and people that look like Koda Kumi.
You made me laugh very hard. GOOD ONE <3
My insight into those cultures goes as such:

Hey, they can make some pretty bitchin' games.
They've got some good entertainers.
I can't speak, read, or understand the language, beyond being able to tell the difference between written Korean and written Japanese. :P

My personal favorite is still this:

A friend of mine decided to take a Japanese-based class (I dunno if it was literature or history or even language or whatever) at college, and someone I know (who is Japanese) asked them why they did it and they said: "Because I want to learn more about the culture." This person's response? "You're not ALLOWED to learn about MY culture." They also said in a later post that wanting to learn the language because one watches anime isn't a good enough reason. My thought on that: Anime is the way many people in their teens and early 20s are exposed to the language, and it falls under the general heading of "art", IMO, much like TV, movies, and literature do here. Now if people can learn Greek or Latin to read stories in their original language, why not Japanese to help better understand the stories that are presented in an audio-visual format?

Just my personal opinion.

However, I TOTALLY agree with your statement. Too many people start acting like they're The Ambassador of Asian Cultural Knowledge because of a few minor things. Bah to them, I say... BAH!
“You're not ALLOWED to learn about MY culture.”

Oh, I am truly sorry, I did not know you were the only and rightful owner of something your ancestors jointly created over thousands of years!

Exclusive nationalism almost equally pisses me off.

Exclusive nationalism almost equally pisses me off.

Me too! let's start a revolt! BLIND PATRIOTISM ALL THE WAY!

What does it have to do with the topic?


nothing i was being silly
I kind of understand what you mean but I'd like an unabridged version from you XD

Access denied. :D

congratulations in contributing to failed communication, you are winnAr!

Thanks for spotting that failure…!  ^^

My personal opinion: all those different forms of media, whether it be anime, movies, music and whatnot, and at least in my case, are different ways to be introduced to whatever's out there (just like an earlier comment mentioned). Not everyone has access to learn about these things without some sort of catalyst.

In my case, growing up in Vallejo, the most asian culture we had exposure to growing up is that of the Filipino kind. Stepping into college, the stuff that got me exposed to anything else foreign happened to be movies and music. Then after my interest was caught, I proceeded to take history and language classes, just because it happened to be something I wanted to learn more about.

Now I don't think I'm a master of asian culture or whatnot, but I do have fun with the stuff that gets put out. And why not? I'm pretty sure they (people of other cultures) enjoy American movies and music of all sorts.
But I do (or at try to) at least humble myself and to try to learn more, beyond Jpop etc.

But yeah, I do have to agree with you when you talk about people who do think they're mister know-it-alls-because-they-watch-anime. Those guys don't kick it with me at all.

oh...yeah, reply...

"Can i get an Amen from the congregation?"