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Random Printer-Related Things

The color laser printer has been installed and is working perfectly.

When Doreen (my housemate) spotted a FedEx truck in front of my place, the delivery guy was looking up and down the house, totally bepuzzled.  She asked the guy: Need a signature or something? and he said: Yeah, but I was expecting a loading dock….

Then he showed Doreen the box, which turned out to be about 3 feet wide, 3 feet deep, and 5 feet tall.  On a wooden crate base so it can be forklifted.


…  Yeah….  _-_

My favorite color is totally out of printer gamut.  In fact, it's so out of gamut of most CMYK inks (not just laser printers).  Yeah, it's bright blue (in the RGB colorspace), like this:     I'm sad. ;_;

As much as I love GIMP, it sucks for not supporting CMYK color mode.  Oh well, I still have my Corel PHOTO-PAINT…!

Speaking of Corel products, its color management system is simply awesome.  Color profiles for the display, the printer, the scanner, and the separation all can be managed centrally, and that means the display shows the (almost) exact color my drawings will be in on paper.

PANTONE® registered colors are love.  Even the printer understands them and knows how to exactly reproduce them.  :D

I now have my own business cards.  :D


I never knew gimp didn't support CYMK....
You should hound the devs to add that in XD, that's pretty important to some people.
(Hint: The perfect people to send to the OSS world.)
Eugene and his toys. *shakes head*

I'm actually making money off of it….  :D