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Benefit of Being a Long-Time Employee

Hi Gene,

As you requested...

Vacation: 48 days (29.66 which are accrued)
Sick: 6 days remaining
Personal: 6 days remaining (need to take some days, maxed out)
Floating Holiday: 2 days remaining ( need to use by December 31st or will lose)

Please let me know if you have any questions.


So.  It seems that I need to use 4 days (2 personal, 2 floating holidays) by the end of this year before I lose them….  That's a full week off, combined with a holiday!

Yum.  :-)



Heh, wow. What's the diff between vacation and personal?

Over here it's just vacation and one day floating holiday, with sick supposedly coming out of vacation...but nobody ever bothers with that last part.

There's no difference by now.  Personal days used to have restriction that employee should be in the office before and after them, but not anymore.

That's not just the benefit of being a long-time employee... that's the result of being a workaholic long-time employee ;) I've found you asleep in the office when I arrived on more than a few occassions over the years :)
You're lucky, you get personal days... :(