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Addicted to Katamari Damacy

When I close my eyes, I see the last stage of the original KD: The blue sea, scattered with islands, clouds, whirlpools, tornados, and yes, giant XXXL mushrooms.  All waiting to be rolled up.  _-_;;;

Edit: Forgot to add the dream I had today in a nap: I accidentally used a cheat to blow up the size of katamari to 100m, and the King popped up and said: “Whoa, what a nice Katamari, but remember, you have to roll up all the cheerful dudes to pass the stage!” which I couldn't do (failed the stage) 'cause the dudes were too small and dropped out of sight. -_-;;;


Heheheh. I presume you have picked up MDKD, er, WLK?

Yup, MDKD.  Wanted to buy WLK but Fry's didn't have them last time I checked (they were sold out).

i got mine for 20 bux it was teh awesome :O, it was on the day of the first sale..*pokes around Eugene & swims around u too* :333333
Wow, 'Gene. Just...wow.