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I Love You sherl0k, But Not Like That! _-_

LiveJournal Username
Type of weapon
Secret power?
The evil villian...captaincanada
The mastermind...theorochi
Who kidnaps you...mayene
Your sidekick who should come save you is...kazenokenshi
They never came,so you were saved by your secret lover...vintagepeahen
Who rapes you in the middle of all this...sherl0k
Your final battle was with...mr_wendell
Did you win?True
This Fun Quiz created by heather at BlogQuiz.Net
Taurus Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Stolen from my “secret lover.”  _-_;;

P.S.  Those who get the humor behind the weapon and the secret power….  I love you guys.  XD


yesssssssss! lauren is the hero, once again!
bahaha take it like a man Eugene =3

*flinches at sherl0k's userpic*

I can totally see Bryant as the mastermind....yes....crafting things....ever so...um.....yeah w/ his cunning and hi p.p..q.q...p.p...
What a way to end a war...the battle for LJ supremacy between you and I:


And yeah, you'd probably win.