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Dick Cheney's gonna hate dot-coms for the rest of the election.

factcheck.org vs. factcheck.com

Can I say... OWNED? XD


About 10 seconds after he mentioned it I checked out factcheck.com. It was already gone. So much so that I thought it didn't exist and I had misheard it. So I looked up factcheck.org via google...and that was down too XD

Man I wish I had kept checking to see this.

An unprecedented number of visitors to FactCheck.org caused the site to crash several times Wednesday, said Brooks Jackson, the site's director.

Yeah, I helped with that.
That's worse than being Slashdotted.
You've been CHENED.
Does that mean the stuff I've been getting in my mailbox are Chen Letters?

*tosses a few tomatoes*
Yeah, I thought that was HILARIOUS when I found out about it. Oooowwwned.
You know who wouldn't have made this mistake?

Howard Dean.