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Badger Badger Badger

The Wikipedia article on it ] says:

“…  The audio doesn't match up exactly with the visuals.  This becomes plainly discernible after 30 minutes of continuous playing.  At this point, the audio is at the twelfth "badger" in the first line while the visuals show the mushroom.  Over the next few hours, the visuals continue to play faster than the audio, achieving maximum separation at 4 hours 12 minutes.  Thereafter the gap begins to close, and becomes synchronized again at about 8 hours 30 minutes. This process continues cyclically.”

I'm simply amazed at the fact that some people actually played it for more than 8 hours (!) to measure the beat period.  _-_


jeez someone has too much time on their hands. >.>
ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
well if you calculate the exact offset of each repetition, you can tell when it'll go back in sync.

but i'm leaning towards someone actually sitting there for 8.5 hours waiting for it.