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After All…

There is a point in being a cold and mean bastard.  In fact, the ability to be one as required by the situation is a crucial survival and social skill.


Yeah, I'm learning that a little more now. I had my first bartender training shift yesterday morning and when everyone went out last night I drove with the bartender who trained me. She told me to watch out for the other two, because they're clique-y and hang out with the other guy at work that I don't care for very much. Mainly they're all really arrogant and shitty workers, a bad combination.

But I've had to quickly learn to shut them down when they say stuff. I don't care any more about whether or not they like me. It's a lot more important that I don't let them make it seem like I'm a bad server. In the end they will be found out and they will be busted.
uhm... You're smelly and uh.. junk!!

(did I do it right?)