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From a Random Review Article…

“하지만 뮤지션들과 마찬가지로, 댄서들도 꿈을 먹고 산다.”
(But like musicians, dancers live on dreams.)

― 김나형, “영화에 등장하는 뻔한 직업 & 별난 직업” (Cliche or Weird Professions in Movies)
after mentioning how hard a life most dancers lead, except for a few chosen ones

Is my dream still intact?  Has it not been swept away by the torrent of ordinary days?  Has my music ever degraded into some sugarcoated iteration of notes and chords that exist only to please one's ears, not one's soul?  Would I be able to summon a melody that moves a stranger's heart and leaves an imprint that lasts more than just a couple of hours?  I know I used to be.  Now, am I?

That made me shiver.  I guess I'm gonna think hard about it later tonight….


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