The Tridecadal Korean (astralblue) wrote,
The Tridecadal Korean

Dazed.  Dizzy.

A planning meeting in the morning is not good for a body and mind all drained by: A two-day emergency trip, including 17 hours of driving (3 hours of which has been spent in a rush-hour standstill) and 10 hours of web server work in a datacenter with ambient noise at 60dB 70dB or more; some more server work including studying an internal data format of 4.4BSD filesystem dumps and debugging a system tool that I shouldn't have to debug in the first place; routine workout; a couple of games of We Love Katamari; cleaning; trying to sit at the piano and record something but miserably failing.  And countless more things that my brain is too tired to remember.

Yeah, that sums up my weekend and this morning.

I wanna have fresh air.  Some nice change of atmosphere.  Like meeting a new person.  Having random fun.  You know, it's Halloween.  The question is, though, am I ready for that?  *slouches on the desk, muttering “Mmm, gimme a jolt…”*


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