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If Something Tampers With Your Computer…

And installs a program that:

  • Provides no explicit means of uninstalling it,

  • Hides its presence completely, and

  • While hiding itself, goes all the way to modifying low-level behavior of your operating system…

That's gotta be a computer virus or something, eh?

It's a music CD, made by Sony. ]
Warning: Laden with technical details

Lesson of the day: Do not buy “copy-protected” music CDs whenever possible.

Courtesy of zqfmbg.


PROTIP: Hold down "shift" when inserting the CD, and voila, you can now rip it.

You know what's funny?

Disabling AutoRun on your CD/DVD drives will now be considered as DMCA violation!

Hooray the world we live in.

I take it you saw this article?
Now, SunnComm claims that Halderman's findings and the fact that he published his findings, have damaged SunnComm's market value by at least $10M and that he has violated against the DMCA law that makes it illegal to distribute instructions and tools that would allow circumventing copy-protection mechanism (as Linux doesn't launch autorun.ini anyway, does it mean that Linux is a tool that allows breaking the law as well?).


I remember the first batch of copy protected CDs. Beaten by a felt tip marker :P.

Such bullshit -_-. There was a story I read a while back, about a group that was unaware that their CD was copy protected.
So they released ripping instructions to their website/forum.
It was a happy day :-). I'd like to know if their label (some Sony Music offspring) tried to do something to them.