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This Is Fresh

It's only 5pm yet it's already getting dark outside.  It just feels damn right—this is how an evening should be!

I love daylight-saving-free time.  :D

(Yes, I know this is a symptom of mild FOBinitis.  XD)


I feel the same way.

Does that make me a FOP?
Its just a pain in the XXX to change time and trying to get use to it again... keeps wakeing up at 4:30 am... which use to be 5:30.. about the time I usually get up..

Just get rid of DST!
you like it to get dark early?

Yes.  :D  The notion of having daylight past 8pm is really a foreign concept to me, 'cause Korea doesn't have daylight saving time.  :D

well, 8 p.m. is pretty ridiculous. but it sucks when it's dark hella early.