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Stolen from darksakura & sherl0k

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me.  It can be anything you want- good or bad.  When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or moritified) about what people remember about you.



us going high-pitch at MGL randomly
watching you play doubles on svgl's 5th mix machine and just being stunned at the way you flew back and forth without any effort at all./
You stole mine. ^_^;;

Although really, I mostly remember you standing up almost straight and smiling while you were doing it... looking like "la la la 9 foot double what? They really need to crank up the difficulty on this..."
You with your hands in your pockets, headphones on, playing the craaaaazy hard stuff on PIU in Vegas on the Moderator Trip.
Chilling at Fanime 2005, while you and JC were performing as SEGV Lite.

You were probably the most faithful listener at Fanime 2005…!  ♥

You full-comboing Leading Cyber on 4th mix before me. >8^O!!!

hahaha... MAN those were good times.
at sean's party, when you first walked in, there was nowhere to sit, and i was sitting on the piano bench. so i scooted over and said, "here, you can sit by me." and you did.
Hmmm... I'd have to say the most unique memory would be sitting in the department meeting and having the boss say that someone needed to make sure you got time to play DDR. 'Course you had pretty much been living at work at the time and needed the exercise; but still not your every-day-run-of-the-mill department meeting requests :)

No wonder, the boss was the one who suggested DDR as an exercise in the first place….  :D

*Makes "munch munch munch" noise while scarfing huge bowl of noodles in front of your computer* Gotta love that MSG....

Goodness, you just made me crave for that ramen!  XD

/me has been abstaining from ramen for quite a while

Perhaps I'll just make some Korean cold noodle instead….  :)

korean cold noodles? anything like soba?

It's made from the same ingredient (buckwheat) but is thinner (and the soup base is different).  Can also be spicy.

Oh yeah, and much yummier IMO.  :DD

Last winter at. . .MGL? Which ever arcade it was *LOL* Like I remember? When Andy was like wait, "YOU'RE DR HIKARU?"

Hilarious Good times

How about Reno?


I still miss that Awful Awful.  ♥


The mad hot "melong" secks we had over IM xP
We were at Vegas and the chicken who plays Tic Tac Toe beat you. I asked you if you had anything to say about it and you gave me a dirty look and said "...not really. No."
You were playing Xenon on the piano at Sean's screening thing. =P It was awesomeness.