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FreeBSD 6.0 Is Coming

Just saw parts (i.e. not completed yet) of the source tree being tagged with RELENG_6_0_0_RELEASE.  ^^

*braces for an upgrade-fest*



*shaking head*

Only a true die-hard FreeBSD geek would be getting excited about the prospect of multiple server upgrades :)

Re: *shaking head*

You have no idea how many people I have infested with FreeBSDism.  XDD

Re: *shaking head*

Well atleast you realize it's an infectious disease :) The good news is that there is a cure... It's called Linux :D

Re: *shaking head*

That's not a cure, that's a stronger drug.  XD

Re: *shaking head*

Ah... so you're just saying you can't handle my drug of choice *WEG*

Re: *shaking head*

More like I choose not to become so uhh, helpless.  XDD