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OMG OMG OMG teh Internet is a serious business!!!11!1!1one *rolls eyes*”

Yeah, riiiiight.  *counter-rolls eyes* ]

Lesson of the day: The Internet is neither a dual fantasy nor a playground where you can get away with anything and just “have fun,” but a very real extension of your life.  Watch your fucking mouth.

Courtesy of sherl0k.

P.S.  With all due respect to those who died in this tragic incident…

(10:45:04) Me: I knew something awful would happen to Something Awful anytime
(10:45:13) Housemate: ?
(10:45:20) Me: http://www.livejournal.com/users/sherl0k/534253.html
(10:45:47) Housemate: oh hehe yeah
(10:45:48) Housemate: good times
(10:45:56) Housemate: I TOLD U I WAS HARDCORE!
(10:46:02) Me: LMAO


woah..scary...*stays away from all buckshotty inquirers*

The sad part is....

...most people don't realize this until some sort of violence happens, and then they want to cry foul about it. I can name many a person I've either had to address or am waiting to address about some dumb shit they said online that they didn't think they could get their ass whipped for.
I'm going to post on DDRFreak wondering where I can buy a katana sword locally, then go slice some heads off.