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This is the reason you should use subpixel rendering, a.k.a. ClearType(TM).

Here's some normally rendered, ugly text.

Now, here's the same text, subpixel-rendered this time.

How to enable ClearType on your Windows XP:

  1. Go to start -> Control Panel -> Display.
  2. In the Display Properties pop-up, go to Appearance tab.
  3. Click Effects... button.
  4. In the Effects pop-up, check Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts.
  5. Then choose ClearType in the drop-down box below the checkbox.
  6. Click OK in the Effects pop-up.
  7. Click OK in the Display Properties pop-up.


They used to have a tuner applet located here, but apparently it doesn't work anymore. It would allow you to adjust the radiosity of the blending function.
Ah - I see. It relies on an ActiveX control. I forgot I was using a web browser that wasn't totally insecure and buggy. :P
It kinda strains my eyes, i think it might be because i have a flat panel lcd screen, but then again i might be wrong

Actually ClearType is designed for LCD panels...  You might want to check out the applet that Cutriss linked and see if your LCD display uses the BGR subpixel ordering instead of the usual RGB one.

Oh, and you have to set the display resolution to the native resolution supported by your LCD monitor.

I've had it set like this fo' evah. Where have you been Easy E? XD

No, I just decided to share the bliss because I changed the LJ font to Tahoma which looks infinitely better with ClearType enabled.  I've been using ClearType since day one I installed XP. :D

"I've been using ClearType since day one I installed XP. :D"
Ditto, only because I ALWAYS set display options immediately. Then go around and do miscellanious things.

They have a ClearType tweaker Microsoft PowerToy, cool I guess.