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Two Things I Really Like About ITG2

  1. The average song length is about 2 minutes, or 30% more than PIU or DDR's.

  2. Some Double steps make one step wide (i.e. spread legs wider apart) and fast; from the physical exercise POV, it requires broader ROM (range of motion) in the same amount of time.  In other words, it requires faster and more powerful moves.  Reactor and Habanera 1 (both on Double Expert) are two fine examples.

    Note, however, one must not use the bar in order to take advantage of this.  The bar helps one move the center of mass around the center of the platform and reduce the range of movement (on the pad).  While it helps passing some of the harder songs (especially level 11 and above), it reduces the ROM required for moving rapidly between 1P and 2P.


The average length of an ITG1 song was ~2 minutes (a few seconds shy actually).
The average length of an ITG2 song is more in the realm of ~1:45
Yes, I know, BFD :P.

I don't like a lot of doubles... for a man that came trolling through forums ranting and raving about the flow and finesse of steps, I honestly do consider his to be worse in many many occasions.

(Note: I have yet to play Doubles Expert, only a handful of Doubles Hard. I don't play much Expert in general...)


MJ Emirzian (and a little bit of C. Emirzian [Udderdude] as well, IIRC)
MJE came through DDR Freak around the time that the Quad Mode videos came out for Ultramix 2, ranting and raving that they don't flow, and they're way too goofy footed, and the like.

It eventually ended with Cutriss calling him a troll and telling him to knock it off (after much debate about some of MJ's own simfiles released in the past).
Hehe, u do notice I also helped out with doubles, right? My name is Jonas Casarino on the step author credits. LOL.

But thanx for feedback. I'll see what I can do when talkin to staff.
Some of what I did and didn't say:
1) I have not played Expert Doubles. I do not have the Stamina for that.
2) Yes, I know you hzve some charts, although unless we play ITG1 Home, I don't know what charts you did.
3) I've played/seen more ITG1 doubles than ITG2.

What I have played, I have not liked. There's a lot of dull and boring, or a lot of unnecessary excess.

I make one exception:
Don't Promise Me ~Happiness~ Hard Doubles is an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT chart. But everything else I've every played is very dull, and not very fun.

Again, this is mostly Doubles Hard songs from ITG1, I think I've only played 1 or 2 rounds on ITG2 (of Doubles).

If the game goes down to doubles for 1 credit (or for that matter, joint premium), I'll probably play more.
Until then, I'm not spending $1.50 on something I don't have fun with.

I'm talking about ITG2 double steps, level 9 or higher.

This I understand, and that's why I gave the disclaimer :-).

The r5 upgrade turned on Doubles Premium, I might just start playing....
Reactor ex doubles is amazing.
That song makes me happy in my pants in many ways. Now people finally see why I've raved about it for so long. :-P


It's the house'd up 5.1.1. we've all been waiting for. \o\

Re: word!

Haha. I just noticed that. XD
But I'm a bar-hugger anyways whenever I play the bar is my best friend.
The bar is actually a disadvantage for hand steps like Tribal Style Ex or Disconnected Disco Ex. And bar isn't needed for long stretches like Habanera 1. It is really doable.

I'm not saying the bar's required for ALL double ex steps.  There are SOME songs that it HELPS to use the bar.