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Mission Successful

The Windows XP Automated System Recovery (ASR) is indeed godly.  I wish FreeBSD had something similar….  Perhaps I should work on one.  ^^


It doesn't seem like it should be that bad...

- check MBR
- check bootloader
- check root partition sanity
- MD5 important system files, replace from the net if necessary

Oh, ASR isn't a system repair tool; it's an automated restore from a backup, and saves important system data (such as harddrive geometry) necessary even before the backup media is accessible on a separate floppy disk.

I've been thinking a *lot* about a system like that, except, with net servers as the primary data storage medium. For something like FreeBSD that ought to be even easier, I would think. :)

Well, you know the horror story that I had with restore(8) the other day. :D