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L'Abitudine on Piano

This song has the most complex and delicate chord structure among all pop songs that I've ever played on piano.  One note missing from the correct chord, or one spurious note (even if it's in-chord), and the mood gets totally destroyed.

So challenging I love it.  :D


Is the score anywhere online? I'm really curious now.
Actually, same goes for the music, though I'm willing to listen to a messed-up-chord version if that's what you can muster right now. XD

Look for the most recent Music of the Day post in my LJ….  I'm feeling too lazy to dig up the link.  :D

I have a hard time thinking of that song as a pop song. It's just so different than pop music in the U.S.

I kind of enjoy singing harmony against that song, although that creates a very different than intended tone, as well.

But, yes, thank you for the song. ^_^

What do you think of Helena in that song, out of curiosity? I don't think she fits very well with his voice, but...

Yes, Helena's voice is quite different from Bocelli's, but IMO that's what makes the song outstanding—they make a very stark contrast to each other, symbolizing two individuals.  If it weren't for this contrast, their voices starting in different keys, harmonizing in common chords and eventually become a unison at the end wouldn't have achieved the dramatic effect (of becoming united under love) as it had.

If I listen to that song right now, I will have a nervous breakdown. My job has stressed me out that much.

Then again, maybe I need to.....