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Hehe, if you clicked on that, you have to go through this cruel meme.  XD

Make a post in your journal with an LJ-cut using one of the following as the cut text:

1. “[name of choice] got me pregnant.”
2. “My boyfriend turned out to be gay.”
3. “My mom found out I'm pregnant.”
4. “My girlfriend is pregnant.”
5. “I got laid last night.”
6. “My dad found one of my used condoms.”

Stolen from ddrgirldotcom.  Damn you, Ayori!  XD


I'll opt for 1, 2, 3, and 6. Because they're all impossible.
I won't do 4 because that'd be sad.
I won't do 5 because my girlfriend would kill me XD.
Do you even have a girlfriend? >_>

See, that's the point (of silliness)!  XD

I don't know how to do an lj-cut.
<lj-cut text='the parenthesized text'>

the enclosed text