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魔法遣いに大切なこと (Someday's Dreamers)

Got me hooked super-tight…! 


i loved the artstyle, but the story was mediocre.

It's not the gist of storyline (something that can be preserved more or less in whole during translation) but actual nuance of individual expressions (as well as the difference in viewers' attitudes) that give much of its vibe.  I'm actually very fortunate that 1) Korean and Japanese languages are so similar (my DVDs come with Korean subtitles) and 2) the two countries also share a major portion of social values.

the colors of the rainbow astound me! *falls backwards*
I've been meaning to go grab it lately. I think I shall go pick it up (or download TEE HEE) in the next few days \0/.


Heh heh...eh it's the same thing but I've never seen anyone actually use the one you used. =x (had to look it up on babelfish)

Haha, blame the original author.  :D

I liked Someday's Dreamers. I never finished it though. =/

Check if anyone that you know could borrow the DVDs off of Netflix; apparently Netflix has all three of them now.  ♥