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calmkakashi's Up; Are You?

A celebrating get-together this weekend?

Saturday 7pm till who knows when.

Some Korean place for a dinner (haven't decided the type of food, which will probably depend on the size of the party) in the Santa Clara/Sunnyvale area, Palace BBQ Buffet ] in Sunnyvale, followed by whatever pops up.

Anyone?  :D 

Current roster:


Sure, why not.
I'm accumulating comp time, so I should be in the area anyway. :)
Damn. I'd love to but I'm going to a wedding that day.
No fair, 2 great get togethers one the same night at the same time... one is 2 blocks from my house and the other is 3673463784348 miles. As much as I wanna come, I can't ;_;.
Have fun, tell everyone I said hi and congrats BJ for me ^_^
Crap, I can't make it that time. Midterms and family as well. T_T