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Fuck You of the Day

Dear Answer Financial/insure.com:

When you send a spam, be sure to check the LHS of the at-mark to see if it contains any identifying mark that tells you that the email address was given to you and only you.  Like:


If this is indeed the case, you're basically caught redhanded even if you tried to avoid the blame by using some different credential such as “Answer Financial” (you were insure.com when I gave you the addy).

Good job, and goodbye.  The address will no longer be valid, have fun with it.

Sincerely t(-_-t),


blue owns another one.
Rest their soul.
(haha right, IN HELL MAYBE)
I do that, plus I add the Julian Date when I created the address. This gives me an address like, for example:


I made up the date there, but that's basically what I do.

Of course, when I give a normal address out to a family member and that family member then gets spyware which publicizes the root address...Yech.