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You'd Think eBay Scammers Are Smarter Than Average, Eh?

Examine the following response to my “Hello, can we use escrow to finalize the transaction?” question:

My item is new,with all original accessories and warranty papers included.If you are intersted to buy mail me for more informations.I prefer payment by wire transfer.I can handle shipping very easy and safe.I am located in Liverpool,United Kingdom.I wait your full name and address also
If you want to speak with me call me any time 0044704011xxxx

I was inches away from sending a reply that says: “You have officially failed at TEH INTERNET.”  orz

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Per Wikipedia:
<blockquote style="border: 1px solid #9999CC; border-left: 5px solid #9999CC; background-color: #F0F0FF; padding: 1em;>Escrow is a legal arrangement whereby a thing (often money, but sometimes other property such as art, a deed of title, or software source code) is delivered to a third party (called an escrow agent) to be held in trust pending a contingency or the fulfillment of a condition or conditions in a contract. Upon that event occurring, the escrow agent will deliver the thing to the proper recipient, otherwise the escrow agent is bound by her or his fiduciary duty to maintain the escrow account. While escrow is best known in the context of real estate, escrow companies are also commonly used in the transfer of higher value properties like websites and businesses and in relation to person to person auctions (ebay).</blockquote>
ahh thank you =)!