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Newsflash: One of My Dreams

Just came true.  ♥

More on that after work….

Edit: So, the dream is this digital camera ] I've been drooling over for months (or, including its predecessor, years) by now.  I got it used on eBay (for a bit less than $6K).  The seller happened to be local (in San Anselmo up in Marin County), and he agreed we could meet and inspect the camera before buying it.

He turned out to be a fabulous guy in his 40s, apparently a semi-professional photographer himself.  Means that he took superb care of his camera (and I don't mean its appearance but its working condition; I don't care much about the appearance), and he also gave me lots of cool tips on using the camera.  Like lenses that give less chromatic aberration.  (This camera seriously pushes most of my lenses to their limit: All of them, except for the 50mm f/1.4 single lens, showed some sort of aberration or misfocus in corners of the image.)  He also gave me a couple of 2GB CF cards and an extra battery for free 'cause he didn't need them anymore.  (He's ditching prosumer 35mm and going medium-format.)

Man, what can I say?  Just like my previous sniping-turned-a-scam, I can actually sell the camera for more than $6K (most used ones sell at around $6000-$6500 these days), there's nothing to lose here at all, but no, I don't think this baby will leave my hands for 5-6 years at least, and possibly as long as it works!  ♥

BTW, I test-drove the camera at work by shooting my CRT monitor with a 135mm lens, and the resulting image resolution grossed me out.  You know, how else would you feel if you can see not just individual pixels but red, green and blue subpixels clearly in the triangular grid pattern?  XD

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