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Quid Pro Quo

When it becomes apparent that one does not care about my situation, stake and/or feelings, I don't have to care about his/hers.  Not that I won't, but that I don't have to.  Looks like this is the best course of action when dealing with selfish people.  And unfortunately, a lot of people out there, if not most, are selfish.

(This remotely relates to determination and claim of problem ownership, shortsightedness, and selective blindness.  I'm too lazy to elaborate on them right now though….  Maybe later in a dedicated TWC post.)


I whole-heartedly agree. Though, I always seem to find it personally challenging to just look the other way to someone who has wronged me, when they need help or are in a tough situation... grah. =\

And 'selective blindness'... what a profound term. I've gotta remember that one.
Would it be better to have it brought to their attention and vocalize what you've noticed, how you've felt and what you would like in return?

I know with one of my friends they'd talk, I'd listen and try to help them out. When I needed help I talked but there wasn't any reciprocation or feedback but a reflection of their disposition. It wasn't until I prompted them that he conversation kept turning back over that they started giving practical advice.

Ahh, dunno if this is the same, but I hope everything works out, take care O`.'o_b.
Oh of course! But see, that's partially where the 'selective blindness' comes into play...

Some people select to blind themselves from what THEY'VE done wrong, rendering it so that if it were brought up to them, they'd shy away and drop everything vocally relating to it... and somehow get angry that you've even brought it up in the first place... then get a brick wall when speaking about how you feel in regards to that. But I digress! Humans are human... they'll learn eventually. Who am I to say what someone should think or how they should to react to a situation? I can only suggest. Stupid brains and their ability to think freely... =p
Bah, I can relate...Growing up comes to mind...in my case avoiding downwhirl spirals and isolation would help.

Eugene mentioning problem ownership & shortsightedness reminded me of my feelings with school. I realized to never make important decisions while emotional or in pain...recovery time is what I needed but I ended up mapping my next year from impulse...thinking w/o thinking I guess. It seemed like good vacation time but I seriously can't see myself doing that P_P. There're some other things but I think I'll just save that for an entry.