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Stolen from iguanagrrl

Please post a comment with a totally fictional, made-up, not at all true memory of about me.  You and me, me and my cats, something you heard about me, whatever.  It can be anything you want—good or bad—but it has to be fake.  Fact-checkers are standing by.  Participation in this meme in no way obligates you to re-post the thought virus in your own journal, but you might be amused if you did.  Because the world needs more funny.




I remember when you're kids came up to me and said "UNCLE KAYOSS TEACH US HOW TO RICE PICK". You're kids are SO ADORABLE, EUGENE! :3
You so rocked the Shoreline Amphitheater this summer. Are groupies still leaving you messages on your cell?
I still have the pictures from the DDRFreak Mod Deathmatch series. Tell me, what did it taste like when you ripped jimthefly's heart out of his chest and then took a bite out of it for the crowd?
I never thought anyone would be so kind as to pay for my J-Lo butt implants, but (no pun intended), sure enough, Last X-mas morning I awoke to find a Gift Certificate to Butts-R-Implanted Cosmetic Surgeries with Eugene's name on the tag wishing me a merry x-mas. Sure enough I put those implants to good use. They helped me get pregnant!

Thaks Eugene!