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From an Interview of Jin Kim the Cartoonist

Then I suppose you often feel naked when you work and take it granted.

Yes.  A cartoonist isn't that great a person at all.  It's just that he's overegotistic.  No matter how a new cartoonist plays shy and weak in front of me, I tell him “How bold you are to think you'd sell your drawings!”  Those who believe that their work will actually sell are well overegotistic just for that belief.  …

― <레모네이드처럼> <1815> <바람의 나라>의 만화가 김진
An interview ] printed in Cine21 ].

As a professional musician, I have to frantically agree.  For the level of artistic pride and egotism in me sometimes frightens even myself, exactly for the same reason.

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It makes sense. As a performer in any sense, you have to have a certain level of egotism about yourself that makes you believe that what you have to offer is worth other people's time. You have to be confident enough in your ability to say "My work is good enough that I think other people will enjoy it."